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This is a writing from our lovely student Arisa before she left to go back home.

I stayed in NZ for 11 months. Basically I stayed in Nelson for 8 months, Wellington for 2 months and tauranga for 1 months. And I traveled around the North island and the South Island with my family and friends as well. I came to NZ for working holiday so most of time I'm working. i worked in the restaurants, the backpackers and the farm as well. Actually working as a waiter in foreign country was my dream and I could do it so I'm very proud of me. It was really hard because my English was not good enough, I had lots of mistakes and sometimes my boss yelled at me. So when I started to work there often I cried. But I could learnt lots of things and became so much stronger. One of the reasons why I worked hard is to earn money for going back to Bay Learning Academy. Actually I had been at this school 2 years ago. When I graduated this school I decided to come back again. And then I could come back :)! The other dream came true!! I was so happy to be a student here