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Otanewainuku Trip

On 13 of Jan. we went to Otanewainuku as a class trip. We were eight people, including 2 teachers. It took about 35 minutes from Bay Learning Academy. We started to walk from the beginning to the top of the hill through the bush. It was new experience and physical fitness as well. One day before one lady had described to us about Kiwi birds living in this bush. Unfortunately, I couldn't' see natural Kiwi birds. Anyway, it took about 45 Minutes to reach the peak. There was a small viewing tower. We had lunch at this place. It was good for sightseeing everywhere.  After lunch, we came down to where we started at the car park. I think it was more easier than going up to the peak. ;It took about 40 minutes to come down to the start point. Anyway, it was a new experience through the bush. Yam.

Bay Learning Academy's Blog is back!!

After a couple of years of no posts we are back in 2020, talking about day to day happenings, students stories and experiences and , well, just about anything that happens here.  We are planning a whole new lot of activities - and more of them, to complement your English language learning.  Come and join us...make new friends...try new things.  It was so exciting to find in this class every student came from a different country!!