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B.L.A Memory Adventures

B.L.A Memory Adventures Last Thursday we left B.L.A to go a trip to North Island. During the trip we had different kinds of weather, it is made the trip more exciting, we could not change it just accept it. We had sunny, rainy and windy days, i like all kinds of weather. In the Van we were a group of passengers composed of 14 people with different cultures and nationalities. Most of them are students from Bay Language academy. We were ready and excited to travel together to have a good weekend.  Our driver was Felipe a nice teacher from B.L.A and very kind driver. He always was willing to help us with whatever was necessary. The connection with the people was easy despite the cultural differences we had good times together. Our food was very rich, I could try delicious dishes prepared by my Korean friends. One kind of dishes that i will never forget is Korean curry. HUmm!! Delicious. All dishes were served with art and joy. We were a good team cooking and

Spring is here

Spring is here and the students are off on another trip! This time they are heading up north on a Road trip.  See our Facebook.   It should be great!. We are anticipating a lot of photos. With spring we are getting a lot more students heading this way. Book in early to avoid disappointment. The cherry trees are flowering, lambs are in the fields and the days are a lot warmer. There is a feeling of anticipation in the air. Last Friday the students went to Maclaren Falls park. It was a great trip out as you can see form the photos.     It's very green out there right now.!