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Adrenalin Forest by Texas

I had no idea why this place is called “Adrenalin Forest” but I understood after I had been there … I jumped in Wendy’s car with Tomoka and Keisuke. We sung as we headed there for enjoyment along the way. It was a bit chilly but beautiful weather. The air was so clear and great and it was absolutely quiet. Firstly we heard about how to use the Adrenalin Forest. It was not easy for me to understand what he said but I carefully tried to hear, other wise we might be injured. In the beginning I tried the first level It was easy so we skipped to the second level. Yes, we tried level 3 and after three, Tomoka and I challenged level five. I saw immediately that level five was so hard for us. The second activity was just a ladder but it was so hard for us as I couldn’t keep my balance. It was an unstable ladder but we kept on trying. Actually we wanted to give up along the way. However we finally got it. At the end of the activity on level 5, the flying fox awaited us. I also t